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Hello. This tool calculates how many SkyMiles are earned flying on Delta and its partners. Plan your trips — or mileage runs — to maximize mileage earning, or just see where you'll end up this year with your miles obsession.

Type your route. jfk-atl-sfo-atl-jfk is a round trip from New York JFK to San Francisco with a stop in Atlanta, all on Delta, using the "Default fare" specified above. You must use IATA airport codes. You can enter more trips on separate lines. Only enter purchased fares, not upgrades (e.g. G, X, V, etc don't work).

Advanced. You can type something like ke.f between the airport codes; that means that the segment is on Korean Air in the F fare bucket. Omitting the carrier code defaults to DL, so something like y means Y on Delta. So, jfk-k-atl-ke.c-icn means New York JFK to Atlanta on a K fare on Delta, then onward to Seoul Incheon on Korean Air on a C fare.

To see your cost per mile for a trip, type the fare too. For example: lga-mdw-lga $199. If you received bonus miles include that amount as well. For example: jfk-lax-jfk 500 would specify a trip from New York to Los Angeles that you got a 500-mile redeemable miles bonus for.

Delta's guides for MQM and RDM earning on partner airlines are not always crystal clear, so the numbers produced here reflect my best guess as to what they mean. Delta's guide to MQM earning is here and to RDM earning is here.

This website is not affiliated in any way with Delta Air Lines. No guarantee of accuracy is made; Delta is the final authority on how many miles they actually award. A discrepancy of a few miles is nothing to be alarmed about, because I probably round numbers a bit differently than Delta does. If you get this site to produce a really incorrect result, I'd appreciate hearing about it so I can fix it (I'm ttjoseph on FlyerTalk; send me a PM).

Also, if you're a hardcore mileage runner, try out my route maximizer. If you use Mac OS X Tiger or later, I wrote a Dashboard widget that you can use to look up IATA airport and airline codes.